Unity Awards 2020

Your votes are in! See the Unity Awards winners below. Thank you to everyone who joined us to celebrate creative and technical excellence across games, experiences, films, assets and more.

Genshin Impact by miHoYo

Best desktop/console game

Whether simple or complex, with 2D or 3D visuals, and created by a small or large team, a great gaming experience blends concept, innovation, and creativity into one stunningly excellent package.

Best mobile game

These amazing games blend concept, intuitive controls, creativity, and visual design to come to fruition as pure delight that fits in your pocket.

Legends of Runeterra by Riot Games
Pascal’s Wager by TipsWorks

Best VR game

All games have their own challenges, but this category looks specifically at creators who are grappling with unprecedented design dilemmas while forging the future of VR games.

The Under Presents by Tender Claws

Best multiplayer game

Whether you’re playing online with strangers around the world or in-person with friends on your couch, multiplayer games help us to connect. These great games are designed to be enjoyed together.

Best project in Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Creators in AEC are using the power of real-time 3D in innovative and impactful ways – from design collaboration and data visualization to interactive training and virtual showrooms.

Best project in Automotive, Transportation & Manufacturing

Designing and engineering a vehicle in VR, training complex machinery, and re-envisioning in-person experiences – these projects are revolutionizing these industries with real-time 3D.

VW Virtual Motor Show by Volkswagen & Endava
VirtaMed LaparoS™ by VirtaMed
Ford Truth About Trucks by Ford & Jackson Dawson

Best Animated Short

Real-time technology lets artists and agencies unleash their creative freedom to produce immersive, engaging bleeding-edge experiences that make us think and feel, that entertain and inspire us.

Best student project

Students are our future. This category celebrates some of the fantastic projects developed by creators who are studying at an educational institution.

Most anticipated game

Let’s take a moment to be excited for some of the remarkable projects that are currently in development. Looking at 2021 and beyond, which game are you most excited for?

Hardspace: Shipbreaker by Blackbird Interactive
League of Legends: Wild Rift by Riot Games
Bear and Breakfast by Gummy Cat

Asset Store Publisher of the Year

No matter the size or experience of your team, these tools and art assets help you to achieve your creative vision.

Freya Holmér by
Kronnect by
Catsoft Studios by

Best artistic tool

These assets stand out for their ability to support artists and creators of all kinds by doing some of the heavy lifting to support the creation of immersive game worlds.

MudBun: Volumetric VFX Mesh Tool by Long Bunny Labs
Stylized Water For URP by Alexander Ameye

Best development tool

The Asset Store brings together our community to help extend Unity’s capabilities. These tools are built to save you time, give you a head start and push performance to the next level.

The Vegetation Engine by BOXOPHOBIC
Magic Light Probes by Eugene B

Best artistic content

Whether you’re creating massive modular environments, cool visual effects, or fun and exciting characters, these asset packs help you achieve your vision.

Lordenfel: Adventure Environment Pack by Mana Station
Wizard spells pack by Hovl Studio
GUI PRO Kit - Fantasy RPG by Layer Lab

Best entertainment value

A good tutorial finds engaging ways to challenge you to see things differently. These creators aim to make you learn and laugh at the same time.

Reviewing YOUR GAME TRAILERS by Jonas Tyroller
Recreating Flash in VR by Jabrils

Best Unity tutorials

Hundreds of extraordinary Unity content creators regularly produce video content to help hobbyists and professionals around the world enhance their Unity skills.

Tutorials by Game Dev Guide
Tutorials by Sorcerer

Best devlog

Devlogs are deep dives into the development of a single project. Get inspired by these behind-the-scenes profiles.

I Built a REAL-LIFE Time Machine! by Lucas Builds The Future
Building 2D RPG Exploration by DevDuck

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