Unity Awards 2018

We’re excited to announce this year's nominations for the Unity Awards! This is our chance to invite our community to help us celebrate the creative and technical excellence amongst nominations spanning games, experiences, films, assets and more.

Voting closes at 11:59 am PST Dec 26, 2018
Winners will be announced by Dec 28, 2018
Projects released from Aug 31, 2017 to Nov 30th, 2018 were eligible

Overcooked by Ghost Town Games

Best desktop/console game

Whether simple or complex, small or large teams, 2D or 3D visuals, a great gaming experience blends concept, innovation, and creativity together into one stunningly excellent package.

Best mobile game

These amazing games come together to blend concept, intuitive control, creativity, and visual design and come to fruition as a delightful game designed to fit in your pocket.

Best 3D visuals

Game artists use technology to push the bounds of their creative vision. This year we saw many different 3D visual styles, from hand-painted, realistic, or anywhere in-between. This category celebrates games that build out their own artistic vision in a 3D world.

Best 2D visuals

Adding more dimensions doesn't mean your game looks better. There is a different kind of thought process and creativity that goes into building beautiful worlds of 2D games.

Best VR game

All games come with their own challenges, but this category looks specifically at creators who are pushing forward to tackle new challenges that come with designing VR games, while they lay the foundation for future VR creators to come.

Best multiplayer game

Multiplayer games, whether online with friends across the world or with friends on your couch, help us build connections with others. Let's celebrate some of the games that came out this year that you can enjoy with your friends.

Best experience

Innovations in technology are going to keep pushing the way that we see the world. These experiences all bring creative new ways for you to create, imagine, and experience your world differently.

Best use for film

Well, look at that... Creators have been pushing the bounds of what you can create with Unity outside of games. So we're celebrating some of the amazing cinematic experiences that put the viewer in the back seat to storytelling and observation.

Best student project

Students hold the keys to the future of Unity. This category is to celebrate some of the projects we've seen come from creators who worked on fantastic projects while studying at an educational institution.

Most anticipated

Let's take a moment to be excited for some of these remarkable projects that are currently being developed. Looking at 2019 and beyond, which game are you most excited for?

Best artistic tool

Whether you're a large studio with an art team, a small studio pushing forward with one artist, or a one-person studio striving for your dream, these tools help you have the artistic freedom you want.

Best development tool

The Asset Store brings together our community to help extend Unity's capabilities. These tools are built to save you time, give you a head start, or help you push performance.

Best artistic content

Whether it's massive modular environments, visual effects, fun and exciting characters, or visualizing your future home, these asset packs come together to help you build the projects you want.

Golden cube

This category is for the projects that really took our breath away. This choice is for the best overall project that we're celebrating in 2018.

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