Unity Awards 2021

The winners are in! Thank you for voting and joining us to celebrate creative and technical excellence across games, films, assets, experiences, and so much more. Winner's sizzle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vbrn76pEOHE&ab_channel=Unity

Best desktop/console game

Whatever the vision for your game – simple or complex, with 2D or 3D visuals – a great gaming experience blends concept, innovation, and creativity into one stellar package.

Best mobile game

These incredible games combine unique concepts, creative visuals, and intuitive controls, for delight designed to fit right in your pocket.

Best AR/VR game

All games have their own set of challenges, but this category looks at creators who grapple with unprecedented design dilemmas to forge the future of AR/VR games.

Hand Physics Lab by Holonautic
Eye of the Temple by Rune Johansen
Arashi: Castles of Sin by Endeavor One

Best multiplayer game

Whether you’re playing online with strangers around the world or in-person with friends on your couch, multiplayer games bring people together. These dynamic experiences are tailored to help us connect.

Most anticipated game

Let’s take a moment to get excited for some of the remarkable projects currently in development. Looking at 2022 and beyond, here’s what we can’t wait to play.

Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals by Night School Studios
V-Rising by Stunlock Studios
Somerville by Jumpship
Replaced by Sad Cat Studios

Best student project

This category celebrates some of the fantastic projects developed by creators who are studying at an educational institution – and shaping the future ahead.

Not Raised by Wolves by VFS
Nainai’s Recipe by NYU Game Center

Best social impact project

Whether AR, VR, games across genres with a storytelling or solutions focus, a strong social impact experience aligns concept and creativity with UN Sustainable Development Goals to create a powerful project.

We Are The Caretakers by Heart Shaped Games
SAMUDRA by Khayalan Arts
Xplorealms History Realm by Xplorealms
Breonna's Garden by eyejack

Best development tool (Asset Store)

The Asset Store brings together our community and extends Unity’s capabilities with tools built to save you time and push performance to the next level.

Grabbit - Editor Physics Transforms by Jungle
Mobile Traffic System by Gley
MegaFiers 2 by Chris West

Best artistic tool (Asset Store)

By doing some of the heavy lifting, these assets stand out for their ability to help artists of all backgrounds fulfill their creative vision.

MapMagic 2 Brush by Denis Pahunov
KWS Water System (HDRP) by kripto289
Fluffy Grooming Tool by Daniel Zeller

Best artistic content (Asset Store)

Whether you’re creating massive modular environments, cool visual effects, or fun and exciting characters, these asset packs will bring your ideas to life.

Real Landscapes - Valley Forest by TriForge Assets
Mountain Environment - Dynamic Nature by NatureManufacture
Atmospheric House (Modular) by Finward Studios
Cyber Effects Pack by Ivan Garcia Filho

Asset Store publisher of the year

No matter the size or experience of your team, this publisher’s time-saving tools and art packs can empower you to achieve your creative vision.

More Mountains by
FImpossible Creations by

Best Unity insider devlog

Devlogs are deep dives into the development of a single project with behind-the-scenes profiles that are sure to inspire.

Jonas Tyroller by
Wannibe Manisha by
Jelle Vermadere by
Zyger by

Best Unity insider entertainment value

A good tutorial engages and challenges you to see things differently. These creators strive to make you learn and laugh at the same time.

Jason Weimann by
Thomas Brush by
Miziziziz by
Valem by
Jelle Vermadere by

Best Unity insider tutorial creator

Hundreds of extraordinary Unity content creators produce valuable videos for hobbyists and professionals to sharpen their skills.

Game Dev Guide by
Thomas Brush by
iHeartGameDev by
lottemakestuff by
PabloMakes by

Best Unity development streamer

By livestreaming their development in Unity, these creators share deep insight that empowers others to enhance their own capabilities.

Boppy Games by
Harry Alisavakis by
QaziTV by

Best project in Architecture, Engineering, & Construction

Creators in AEC are using real-time 3D in innovative and impactful ways – from design collaboration and data visualization to interactive training and virtual showrooms.

WIRED (Wearable Immersive Real Estate Dataroom) by
Hazards AR Training System (H.A.R.T.S) (PeakActivity) by Peak Activity
Climate Pledge Arena by Mortenson
SHoP Portal by SHoP Architects
Development of economic analysis platform based on VR digital mockup design by

Best project in Automotive, Transportation & Manufacturing

Designing and engineering a vehicle in VR, training complex machinery, and reimagining in-person experiences: These are the projects revolutionizing industries with real-time 3D.

Digital Twin Aerospace - DXE Sky by TIM Solution
AK GO - XR content for aircraft maintenance education by Augmented Knowledge Corp
AR-Collaboration @Mercedes-Benz by Mercedes-Benz
HOMAG Virtual Showroom and industrial software solution iVP by iXtenda

Best animated short

Real-time technology lets artists and agencies unleash their creative freedom to produce immersive experiences that make us think and feel – that entertain and inspire us.

What If Pacific Rim Was Cute? by Little Mountain Animation
Life After BOB: The Chalice Study by Metis Suns / Ian Cheng
Tayo and Little Wizards l Luna's Magic Class series (7 episodes) by ICONIX

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